Mission and values

PFH is an independent investment holding, that has operated in Italy for more than 30 years.

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Much more than an investor: a partner

Roberto Ruozi, Chairman of PFH

It has a portfolio of specialised vehicles and provides businesses not only with capital, but also sector expertise.

PFH has a stable capital structure, which blends financial and industrial competencies. The PFH team is solid, cohesive and autonomous, where the managers are also Group partners. Therefore, PFH is not simply a lender, but also a business partner, whose interests are aligned with those of entrepreneurs. 

The Group provides advisory services for extraordinary financial transactions through its subsidiary, Palladio Corporate Finance. Its structure is adaptable, flexible, and elastic, allowing it to approach a wide variety of transactions with the perspective of an advisor or of a direct investor.

PFH leverages talent. It creates a customised solution for Participated Companies, based on their aspirations for growth and development, both in Italy and abroad.

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A customised solution for every business

Giorgio Drago, CEO of PFH