Enrico Orsenigo

Managing Partner

Enrico Orsenigo

Born in Milan on 16 June 1971.

Enrico Orsenigo

Enrico Orsenigo joined the group of Head of Infrastructure of VEI Capital S.p.A., taking on the role of Managing Partner of PFH S.p.A. in January 2017.

Born in Milan on 16 June 1971, he graduated with a degree in Economics and Business from Università€ Cattolica del Sacro Cuore in Milan in 1995, specialising in Banking Technology and Stock Market Technology.

He began his professional career in Capital Markets in London, before dedicating himself to structured finance for the Energy and Infrastructure sectors, first from a business perspective with Edison and Enron, and, from 2002, from a banking perspective with RBS and BNP Paribas.He joined PFH Group in 2011 as part of the management team of VEI Capital S.p.A., responsible for investments in the Renewable Energy sector.

  • Chairman and CEO of VEI Green II S.p.A., Vicenza
  • Chairman, CEO and Member of the Executive Committee of ForVEI II S.r.l., Milan
  • Director of VEI 1 S.p.A., Milan
  • Director of FV Solar Lab S.r.l., Milan
  • CEO and Director of VGH S.p.A., Vicenza
  • Chairman and CEO of VEI Green S.r.l., Vicenza
  • Director of Venice European Investment Capital S.p.A. – VEI Capital S.p.A., Vicenza
  • Director of Snaitech S.p.A., Milan
  • Chairman and CEO of ForVEI S.r.l., Milan
  • Director of Naus S.p.A., Vicenza
  • Director of Whysol Investments I S.p.A., Milan