Giorgio Drago


Giorgio Drago

Born in Bergamo on 27 July 1958.

Giorgio Drago

Giorgio Drago has been the CEO of PFH S.p.A. since October 1998. He is also a member of the Executive Committee and Managing Partner in the holding company. Additionally, he coordinates the advisory services on corporate finance issues and M&A transactions.

He was born in Bergamo on 27 July 1958 and graduated with a degree in Business Economics with full honours from Università Bocconi in February 1983, specialising in Business Finance.

He began working for Gemina in 1995 as assistant to the Chairman and Investments Manager. He managed the group restructuring, which resulted in the disposal of all non-industrial investments and the founding of H.d.P. in March 1997, for which he acted as Manager of Planning and Control until September 1998.

From May 1983 to September 1995, he worked for Mediobanca in the Investments and Special Affairs Department, where he was appointed executive in 1992. His main activities were client advisory in the area of corporate finance, coordinating several Mediobanca investments, and financial restructurings.

He has been on the board of directors of various companies, including RCS Quotidiani S.p.A., Cartiere Burgo S.p.A., Fila Holding S.p.A., Valentino S.p.A..


  • CEO, Member of the Executive Committee and Managing Partner of Palladio Holding S.p.A., Vicenza
  • CEO of Venice European Investment Capital S.p.A. – VEI Capital S.p.A., Vicenza
  • CEO of VGH S.p.A., Vicenza
  • CEO of VEI 1 S.p.A., Milan
  • Chairman of Venice Shipping and Logistics S.p.A. – VSL S.p.A., Milan
  • Chairman of VEI Log S.p.A., Milan
  • Chairman of Sonica S.r.l., Vicenza
  • Chairman and CEO of Rebula S.r.l., Vicenza
  • Director of Naus S.p.A., Vicenza
  • Director of TCH S.r.l., Vicenza
  • Sole Director of Venice S.p.A., Vicenza
  • Vice Chairman of Propensione S.p.A., Trieste
  • Director of VER Capital SGR S.p.A., Milan
  • Director of MarterNeri S.p.A., Livorno
  • Director of Costa Edutainment S.p.A., Riccione (RN)
  • Director of Venice PMI S.r.l., Vicenza