Responsible investing
PFH's investment history has its roots in the concept of responsibility to stakeholders, entrepreneurs, companies and all those involved in the investment. In line with this tradion, PFH has joined and is among the signatories of the United Nations PRI (Principles for Responsible Investing).
PFH has always paid attention tosustainability principles and the integration of ESG criteria along all key phases of the investment process. As of 2021, PFH committed to further optimize its sustainability strategy and adopt of sustainability best practices during the investment analysis and in the management of portfolio companies. Thus, PFH focuses on promoting ESG business models that are at the forefront of the relevant sectors and encourages the adoption of responsible business practices that can accelerate the development and success of portfolio companies.

Embedding ESG throughout the investment process
Due Diligence
Due diligence process including specific ESG analysis to determine sustainability profile and potential risks
Investment Decision
ESG Due Diligence evaluated as a key aspect in the investment decision and subsequent definition of an action plan to improve portfolio company's ESG performance
Holding Period
Monitoring (via specific KPI) and supporting portfolio companies in assessing ESG factors to improve performance and mitigate related risks
Seeking new investors with the capability to continue on the ESG path taken and, in any case, encouraging new investors to continue on the virtuous path of sustainability

Sustainable development of portfolio companies
Investing in sustainability means investing in progress: PFH supports the sustainable development of its portfolio companies because it believes that the full integration of ESG business models is a competitive advantage in addressing major global challenges.
PFH supports entrepreneurs in defining growth strategies that integrate sustainability considerations into business decisions to help them achieve both financial and social goals.
PFH does not invest in specific controversial sectors that are not in line with the company's values. PFH does not consider investments in companies operating in the following sectors: tobacco; coal/oil mining; weapons and armaments; pornography; software and IT solutions aimed at facilitating cybercrime.