Growth, performance and innovation
Strategic partner

Palladio invests in SMEs with industrial growth plans and ideally with an international vocation and growth opportunities through acquisitions.

We seek companies that can intercept growth opportunities, through product or process excellence, by being leaders in niche markets, or dynamic companies that can become an aggregation platform.

We prefer to invest in partnership with entrepreneurs and managers and in contexts that can benefit from new strategic, managerial and financial inputs.

We focus on either majority or qualified minority transactions, as long as they are based on a solid business plan to be implemented with the help of Palladio’s contribution.

Palladio was born out of an entrepreneurial initiative and maintains to this day a pragmatic  and productive approach. It’s hands-on style allows for flexible investment times and structures.

Our team works alongside entrepreneurs and managers to encourage the creation of value, not only through capital, but also thanks to continuous strategic dialogue, analytical methods and complementary business skills: true teamwork tailored to each situation.

Palladio relies on the continuous support of a selected number of trusted industry experts, professionals, entrepreneurs and managers with complementary knowledge, skills and points of view. This network fosters strategic solutions for investee companies by sharing ideas, contacts and experience.

Furthermore, through its international network, PFH has the opportunity and ability to engage industry experts in different markets across the world for the specific needs of any company.

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