Strategic partner

Investment Strategy
PFH has a unique approach to Public Equity combining investment selection skills and a know-how in evaluating companies with the industrial expertise and ability to create strong partnerships with entrepreneurs and managers.
This is due to the broad flexibility on investment period and structure as well as the well-established industrial and managerial network. PFH's approach guarantees the achievement of medium- to long-term results in line with the principles of "Value investing". PFH invests both in public companies and in listing projects, as anchor investor, alongside entrepreneurs who desire not only an equity investor but also a sparring partner in a new and important phase of their corporate history.

Target Companies
PFH focuses on market leaders in niche sectors and on industrial and services industries in which Italy has a world-leading heritage of specialization.
PFH invests in excellence: we seek companies, backed by innovative ideas and talented people, capable of intercepting market trends and possibly becoming aggregation platforms that can evolve into larger groups.

Business Intelligence
PFH enlists the help of a network of industry experts, professionals, entrepreneurs, and managers with complementary knowledge and skills that can foster strategic solutions for portfolio companies sharing best practices, contacts, and experiences.
Furthermore, through its international network, PFH has can engage industry experts in the most diverse sectors and geographies, for any specific needs.